XPS Professional Mailer Series

All of our exciting products are built with high standards, especially the XPS Professional Mailer Series products. They are built with the professional mailer in mind, giving you a heavy duty, reliable machine with incredible performance. The best part is, it's all made with pride here in the USA.

XPS-ProMail Console System

Professional Grade Inkjet Console System

Key Features
- Heavy Duty Construction
- 34,000 Per Hour
- Integrated Productivity Accessories
- 3" or 4" of Available Print
- Exclusive AccuTrak Vacuum Transport
- See a close-up of base

Introducing the new inkjet console system from RENA Systems. We completely revamped our professional grade line to offer RENA Systems owners the absolute best upgrade option. The XPS-ProMail System is not a machine-shop approach. It was engineered and designed from the ground up as a high performance inkjet printer - and it shows. The XPS-ProMail System and its accessories are made from steel and aluminum with a duty cycle of 240 million pieces. Best of all, it’s precision engineered and built right here in the USA.

XPS-ProMail 3.0 & 4.0

Modular Add-on Inkjet System

Key Features
- Universal Mounting Capability
- 34,000 Per Hour
- Unique Contact Roller Control
- 3" or 4" of Available Print
- 1.25" Thickness Capability
- View XPS-ProMail 3.0

XPS-ProTab 4.0 Tabbing System

Professional Grade Tabber/Labeler/Stamp Affixer

Key Features
- 35,000 Tabs/Stamps Per Hour
- 4" Wide Head Standard.
- Versatile In-Line Design
- Applies 1, 2 or 3 Tabs/Stamps At Once
- Clear, Translucent or Paper Tabs
- See It Inline With A Full Console System
- View The Stand Alone System

XPS-ProDry 8.0

Professional Grade Output Options

Key Features
- 8,000 Watt IR Dryer (Yes 8,000!)
- Low-Glare Bulbs
- Controlled From Base
- Automatic Speed Synchronization
- Separate 0-100% Intensity Control
- Emergency Stop/Safety Tilt Switch
- See It With Our Full Console System

XPS-ProFeed Shuttle

Professional Grade Vacuum Shuttle Feeder

Key Features
- 30,000 Piece/hr Throughput
- Unique Roller + Shuttle Design.
- Integrated With XPS-ProMail Base
- Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump
- View Feed Section Close-Up
- See It Inline With A Full Console System


Professional Grade Productivity Accessory

Key Features
- Runs Up To 30,000 Per Hour
- Rotates Media 90 Degrees
- Rotates To Left Or Right
- Lexan Transport Cover
- Variable Speed Control
- Tilts To Span Varying Machine Heights

TB-659 Conveyor

Professional Grade Output Options

Key Features
- Four Repositionable Belts
- Adjustable Height Legs
- Variable Speed Controlled From Base
- Speed Up Sorting Function
- Connect Three For 18' Of Output
- Emergency Stop
- See It With Our Full Console System