Color Management

mColor Software

mColor was created to bring professional grade color printing to our Digital Color Printers. In a nutshell, it's an advanced color management and job workflow tool that is simple to use. It includes spot color adjustment which allows you to painlessly match existing logo colors. You can be anywhere on the network to submit, manage, and preview jobs.

mColor processes artwork through a Harlequin RIP (Raster Image Processing). The RIP takes files and converts them into printing data with more accurate color output using embedded ICC profiles expertly created for the Mach 5 printer. The built-in ICC color profiles created by color experts insure the best possible output on a wide variety of papers. mColor lets you print out a swatch sheet on your media and pick the desired output. Fast and easy!

Global color adjustment allows the operator to make quick last minute adjustments, or when adjusting spot colors are not the right solution. This comes in handy when using photographs, for example.


Submit, manage, and preview jobs anywhere on the network, from a Mac or a PC


The color wheel is a tool that shows users the quickest path to adjust. 


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