Join A Select Group Of Dealers

Our philosophy on our dealers:

Our company has been built on our relationships with our dealers and the users of our equipment that they serve.  Because of this we offer several key components that make being a Rena Systems Inc. dealer attractive.  We do not dilute markets with excessive amounts of dealers; instead we work with dealers in their marketplace to build a strong representative.  This means for each region or market there are few dealers, but all well trained and qualified. This is vital for each user of our equipment to be able to work with a strong dealer.



To build our brand and customer base, Rena Systems spends a significant amount of effort and resources attracting interest through our website, trade shows, print advertising and of course, direct mail.  We provide detailed comprehensive technical training on all of our products.  Our dealers get access to our repair and technical team via phone, via ship in repair, and visits in the field.  We make comprehensive & detailed manuals for each machine, making the users and the technicians be able to understand how the product works, then reference them repeatedly in case of a need.  We provide field sales support to make sure that users and dealers get the support that they deserve.  This comes via, phone, email, chat and visits in the field.




Finally we meet or exceed the expectations of our dealers and users consistently. This simple fact means that we have a lot of repeat customers and go out of our way to maintain this.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer please call or email me and we can discuss our opportunity to grow our business together.



William J Longua
Senior Director