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Page updated: August  28, 2018


mColor 2 Software Files

NOTICE: For mColor 2 to work with the MACH 6 some file modifications must be made.
See "mColor 2 MACH 6 Client Update", below.

Key Improvements/Additions with mColor 2
‒RIP – Harlequin v10, utilizes processing speed of modern 64-bit computing - much faster
‒Plug-In USB & network connectivity streams print files right to printer - great for large print files
‒Variable Data Merge – included at no additional charge
‒Spot Color Adjustments improved
‒Easy to use print placement adjustment tool
‒One Product can support Mach 5, Mach 8, Mach X & the new HD-CX printers
mColor 2 Quick Start Guide (PDF) - READ THIS FIRST!
Updated: 4-7-2017
Rip Ready - Utility for Verifying Computer Compatibility with the Navigator RIP
Please use this utility to verify computer compatibility with the Navigator RIP; before you attempt to load "mColor 2 Server" onto the computer system.

- Unzip the contents of this download to a new directory on your computer.
- Located and Run "Rip Ready.exe".  The "Welcome to Rip Ready" screen will open.  Click NEXT.
- The "Rip Ready Verify" screen will be displayed. Click NEXT.
- The computer system will be scanned and the "Scan Results" will be displayed. Click NEXT.
- The "Rip Ready Verification" screen will be displayed. 
     If you receive the message "Your system does not appear to meet the minimum requirements"; please use a
     different computer that meets the minimum requirements as outlined in the "mColor 2 Quick Start Guide.pdf".
     Click OK to close this message.
- Click NEXT. The "Preregister" screen will open.
   If Xitron is helping you with the installation of mColor; please provide your contact information and click on NEXT.
   Your contact information and computer scan results will be sent to Xitron (The software developer for mColor 2).
   NOTE: If you are only testing for computer compatibility at this time, you can click on the "X" at the top right corner
             of the screen to close the Rip Ready utility, without sending any information to Xitron.

- The "Finished" screen will appear.
- Click EXIT to exit the utility.
mColor 2 Client Installer (exe)

Use this item to install the mColor "Client" onto any PC that is connected to the "mColor Server" PC.
This file is also contained in the "mColor 2 Software Disk Files" link, shown below. 

mColor 2 Software Disk Files (ZIP)

- link redirects to Google Drive; download March 17 2016 v6.2.1 (~518 MB)
Includes complete content of the mColor 2 Software Disk (DVD).
PLEASE READ the "mColor 2 Quick Start Guide" before you begin the installation process.

Unzip the contents of this download to a new directory on your computer.
Then located and Run "AutoRun.exe". The "Welcome to mColor 2" Splash Screen will open.
Choose "Full Install" to install "mColor Server" and "mColor Client" onto the PC you have dedicated as the "Server".
Choose "Client Install" to install "mColor Client" onto any PC that is connected to the "mColor Server" PC.
During the mColor 2 "Full Install" process you will be presented with the following installation choices:
  - Production Mode. Select this choice, during the install, if you purchased mColor 2 and have received a dongle (USB Key).
  - Demonstration Mode (Expires after 30 days). Select this choice, during install, if you would like to demonstrate or test before purchasing.


mColor 2 MACH 6 Client Update


mColor2_MACH_6_Client_Update_6.2.4.1 (zip)
Files needed to update mColor 2 for use with the MACH 6. See instructions above.


mColor 2 Support Page
Use the link, above, to access mColor 2 Documents and How-To Guides/Videos



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